Mr Fluffy Face – 15 Second Sketch

Kids, both young and old, love drawing, even if they do not do it as a full fledged hobby, just playing around with new technology is the fun itself. Case in point are a group of “older” kids that I was showing off a 21 x 14 cm drawing graphics tablet that can be plugged into any computer using a USB port. Watching their eyes, watching the screen, as I started sketching this image, below, was an amazing experience for me. For them, it seemed intriguing as the different colours and shapes appeared in front of them.

I wish I had more of these graphic tablets, as some never got a chance to play around with it; time just ran out. Those that did play with it seemed to be more on writing their names than actually drawing. Perhaps I reinvigorated some artist sleepers to a new medium at the Senior’s Centre.

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