Reviews of My Camera: Sony A33

I’m a beginner photographer at heart. This is my first digital SLR camera that have I ever owned. So, naturally, not having a huge budget for the more professional type cameras, I opted for a lower end camera to start off with, and a brand that I have used before. The camera was on sale, 20 percent off, so I made the plunge and bought it. It was calling my name… .

So far after having the camera for two weeks now, I am thoroughly impressed with it. I have snapped over 400 photos with it, and the versatility of a DLSR (or DLST) is still amazing me as each photo session yields new discoveries of what this camera can do. The lens, a 18-55mm, is awesome. The old point-and-shoot is child’s play compared to the field of view that I can now get with this camera. And the ISO options, nice ISO100-12800. I have being deprived for so many years since I hung up my analogue SLR a decade ago.


It is a low end camera, with some great features though. The camera does have some issues that concern me. The big one is that if you shoot video for more than ten minutes, the censor chip starts to over heat, and the camera shuts down. I do not plan on shooting that much video with it, so that feature is not that big of a deal for me. I suspect that this is the reason why Sony has discontinued production of it – according to a armature YouTube video I seen about the camera. It does shoot video in high definition and has a HDMI out on it – this is cool.

The seven shots per second is really cool too, and the auto focus while it is shooting at that speed is pretty wicked too. I cannot wait to try that out when I get some good outdoor shooting weather.

Here is another review of the camera:


So time will tell. I consider this my “starter” camera. My next purchase for it will be a telephoto lens this week, and then a macro lens in the new year. I plan on taking a lots photos in the future. And of course, I will be posting some of them here on the blog. I can’t wait!

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Here is to happy shooting! 🙂

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