I just Bought my Zoom Lens: Me Happy

As soon as I converted my Bank Note into good old cash, I burned down to the camera store and picked up my zoom lens that I have been planning for over the last week. I then went straight home, attached the lens onto my camera body, and fired off about 15 shots before it got too dark out. I am happy with the lens. Although it is still probably too soon to tell, but so far, from what I have done with it, the zoom lens meets all of my expectations.

The only thing that I thought was really “cheesy” about the lens kit was the hood that came with it. To sum it up in one word, I would say that the hood is “stupid.” I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to properly attach it to the lens?

Below are some test shots I made just moments ago, but first, my first shot with the lens. Note to self: I think it was a wise move to buy the one with the better glass. There was another lens with a 75 to 300mm zoom range, and at 300mm, it did not perform that great – plus it had no auto-focus motor in it!

Testing the Sony DT 4-5.6/55-200 SAM lens out on my Alpha33 camera.

First test shots are showing the difference of an object about 30 metres away. The first shot is set at 55mm, and the second shot set at maximum magnification, or 200mm.

Above at 55mm; below at 200mm.

The next set of test shots are shooting an object that is just over a metre away, on the ground.

Above image is shot at 55mm, just over 1m away.

In this image the object is shot with full zoom, 200mm, at just over 1m away.

With low light, and a completely overcast day, with lots of precipitation, and it was very cool out, both the camera and the lens did well. The lens complements the camera with its auto focusing, which is what the S.A.M. stands for, Smooth Auto-focus Motor. Here is a link to Sony Canada’s website showing the lens: SAL-55200-2.

Image courtesy of Sony Canada.


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