Getting my Camera Workout: The Hike.

Although it was cloudy, yet warming up for a mid December day, I took the camera with me for a little hike over to Brea Island to go ballistic with it, snapping photos of all the neat and interesting things that I could find. For a brief time the Sun came out, which nature gave me about a twenty minute window for some optimum light conditions (that I have been waiting for over three weeks now) then it was back to dull, grey and boring.

So without further ado, here are but a sample of the 142 photos I snapped off today.

These, by the way, are in chronological order, over an one hour hike. I spent more time taking photos than actually doing any serious hiking.

The image above, I was shooting for the contrast between the clouds and fog along the trees. The clouds looked awesome. I know it is hard to see the colours in this tiny image, but I will put it in my photo gallery soon in a larger size.

Above image is a neat photo of the Fraser River completely fogged over, looking at the Bedford Landing housing development from Brea Island. The image below is what I call the “Face in the Sand,” becuase I seen a face when I was taking this shot. The zoom lens, 55-200mm, really took a good shot of this. There was noway I could have taken this shot with a wide angle lens. I did not touch the sand, OK, this is all natural.

Above, the fog rolling in as layers; looking at Bedford Landing, near Fort Langley. Below is a Holly bush. I did not know this, but Holly grows here naturally. Whether the Holly trees were brought here by man, or this is their natural habitat, they are everywhere on this island.

Above, I call these, “Weird Creepy White Berries” becuase they look, well, weird and creepy. I do not know what they really are-I have no idea. I think they look like aged Blue Berries that somehow turned white once the cooler weather took over, but I could be wrong. They are extremely mushy, and they have a bad odour once you touch them.

So there you have it, a sample of my photo shoot along Brea Island today, using my fancy new Sony 55-200mm zoom lens.

ADDED: If you want to see the posted full gallery, 96 out of the 140 photos I took today, go here to: GALLERY 16. Let me know what you think, or tell me which is your favourite photo?

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