Hiding During the Holidays

A strange little habit that I have this time of year (during the Statutory Holiday) is hiding in my home, turning off all the lights, except for my bedroom, and read. This is the only time that I truly get to catch up on all those interesting passages and stories that I have filed away during the previous months, but never had time to read them. My little pile consists of four books: three textbooks that I bought, and one science fiction story (I downloaded it) that I heard about on the radio. Also in this pile are about fifteen papers and articles from a seminar I attended back in September on Crime and Justice, sponsored by Corrections Canada.

My goal is to have them read by the end of Saturday, so that I can start a new pile. There about three subjects that I really want to blog about too. I figure that if I can have everything read by Saturday, then I can start posting some articles on Sunday and Monday afterwards. This could be a marathon.

I will also be doing some volunteer work with the gang, doing some workshops with Corrections Canada on and around the twenty-fifth.  Right now it is up in the air, but I should be getting some instructions soon, then I can put together a timetable.

I have also stocked up on some munchies and other various supplies because I do not even want to leave the house for as long as possible to avoid the holiday chaos. When I leave work to go home on Friday that is it for me until I have to go back on the following Tuesday, I want to stay off the roads during this period.

I will leave my phone on. Last year there was a small emergency and I had turned everything off, so in the middle of the night, 2:30am, there were the sounds of pounding on my door. So, to avoid that, friends and foe can reach me by phone this year.

I know I must sound like the hermit who hates everything this time of year, but this is furthest from the truth. I am in fact embracing it. This is “my time,” and I need it. I am also flexible this time of year too. If I have to, and it is fun, I will venture out, but I highly doubt that this will happen this year.

Where I live, it is quiet and usually uneventful during the holiday period. Several years ago there was this incident that happened with a guy we labeled a “Drug Dealer” who had the Police, Fire department, and Emergency vehicles all lined up along our driveway, as he used his wife as a hostage because he was being arrested. I sure as heck do not want that to happen again! That scared a lot of people back then in the neighbourhood, so I am kind of hoping I, or we, never see that again. But how can you control that?

One more sleep until I bury myself with books and papers.

Oh oh, I almost forgot – my new camera! I may go outside after all to shoot some photos with it if the weather is good. I completely forgot about that!  *shock*

I am happy. Happy holidays!

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