Just Did a Firmware Update on My Camera

This morning I did the firmware update on my Sony a33 camera which added some very cool effects on top of the cool scene choices I had with it before. Of the eleven new “picture effect” options that the firmware update added, the colour partial effects are so far my favourites.

What you get with these partial colour effects are a black and white image with only the primary colour you choose as the only colour in the image. In the above image, I chose Red. My website’s logo is not part of the original photo, by the way. In this case, you are looking at a red SADA cable on top of a brown wooden table. Only the red colour is produced. The red also shows up in the view finder too!

The firmware for the Sony A33 now brings me up to version 2.0 from 1.2. There are some other changes that the firmware has done to the camera such as, eleven new effect to the Mode Dial “SCN,” Added some customisation to the “D-Range button,”  Sets display in the finder, and changed the menu selection to last menu selected, or the top menu selection. Sony’s E Support Page.

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