No Grumpy People Here Please

Oh yes, ’tis the season of anger and unpleasantries, and with all those who focus on the martial rather than the seasonal time off to spend with friends and family I say to you, “go get a life, and spoil someone else’s good time.”  I am referring to the unruly shoppers, and consumers who want to be first in the line-ups; those who demand that they be given first priority when seeking customer services; those who push and shove other people on the sidewalls as they walk through. I am shacking my head at just but a few who cast a shadow of darkness on festive environment. But my list goes on.

To add to the horror show of the Canadian Christmas Season, I witnessed in the Langley City in Walmart the pathetic stench of selfishness and snobbery – in Walmart of all places. I seen a lady, who was no Goddess of goodness her self, cursing at another patron regarding her two year old child who was crying becuase she was not happy standing in a line up. Yes, the young woman lost it, and would not you if a 150 kilogram woman told you to shut your two year old up because she was trying to talk on her cell phone while waiting in the line-up?

A man at the Esso gas station in Fort Langley freaking out becuase another person parked in the stall that he wanted. Rather than waiting, the man decided to run over to the lady in the small car and tell her that she was a “stupid @#!* blond Bimbo who can’t drive.” She won the spot fare and square. A real man would be more than happy to allow the lady to have her fill of gasoline, but not today (Dec. 23), it is “me first,” and “look after number one” rules of social conduct. Intimidation are the tactics of some consumers now days that I see. Thankfully not all are like this.

Perhaps it is my age, and I have reached a point in my life when I see beyond the child-like rose coloured glasses that I once wore, and I see the real images around me now. Maybe I am more sensitive to the chaos that erupts around the down town core this time of year when shoppers scramble into their buying frenzy this time of year?

In hindsight, I make it a point to stay away from the crowds and the chaos we call the Christmas Holiday Season. Even though I do not celebrate it myself, Christmas is the dominant religion in Canada, and our culture is based on this, so this locus of buying takes precedence and all follow it as our economic lives depend upon it. The best part about all of this is that by tomorrow everything will be back to normal. My commute to work will be the same, the down town core will be the same, and people in general will be the same. Was it all worth it?

One Thought on “No Grumpy People Here Please

  1. I see this kind of thing all year, but, yes it’s typically much worse at Christmas time — ironically considering what the season is supposed to be about like goodwill toward others! Instead, many people are not only grumpy and impatient, but have an entitled attitude! Your example of the woman on the cellphone in the Wal-Mart line up asking another customer to keep her child quiet fits this perfectly.

    No one has the right to a quiet environment to speak on a personal phone in a public store like Wal-Mart. I think the woman was totally out of line to do what she did! Rather than handle things personally, so many idiots have to blame others. Rather than telling the person she was on the phone to, “I’m in Wal-Mart and it’s noisy. I’ll have to call you back” she actually has the gall to blame the woman and tell her to shut her kid up!! 🙄

    I don’t like crowds and shopping in Costco and Save-On last week was nuts with people walking right in front of me and taking their time picking out foods when I was standing their waiting my turn for what seemed like forever. BUT, I made a point to be patient and smile patiently. To me, all of us are in the same boat — we’re in a public place trying to get what we need for the holidays. No one is more entitled than the other!

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