Reminiscing Through My Old Digital Photos

I was going through some old disks, the old fashioned 700MB CD type,  that I had tucked away. I found this disk that was not labelled, other than “Digital Camera” on to, so I threw it in the PC and fired it up to have a look. Reminiscing through these old digital photos of 2002 made me laugh, and some sadden me as there are people who have passed away since, but the photos were neat to look at again after all these years even though they were small JPEG 800 x 640 images. The quality is poor on these from that old Kodak Point and Shoot camera – which by the way cost a whopping $800.00 at the time!

This photo stood out for me. It is a photo of my return trip from Vancouver Island back in October of 2002 from where a mountain of detergent foam covered the road at the intersection of Highway 10 and 58 Avenue in South Surrey, BC. Because I was driving, I had to drive ahead, pull over, find my camera, then drive back to take this shot. The foam had already retreated back to side-walk by the time I took this shot.

I had to retouch the photo, and converted it to a PNG file. I also added the 2012 LOGO on it too becuase of the modification I did to it.

Apparently this happens numerous times a year when jokers put detergent in the fountain, and it bubbles up and spills onto the road. I remember hearing people laughing as they drove by; it was quite the sight!

CORRECTION: The actual address is Highway #10 and Scott Road in Surrey, BC. Highway #10 is also 58 Avenue (Dec 27, 2011).

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