Another Shot At Orion – Night Time Photography

Finally another evening with some clear skies that I can just walk out into my back yard and start shooting the stars.

I focused on focusing, becuase this seems to be my biggest issue with this camera. The wide angle lens that I have, is the kit lens that came with the camera, and it does not have an infinity mark on it, so focusing to infinity is difficult. Focusing is frustrating when set up at night with only the stars to focus upon.

The image is 30mm, ISO 200, F2.3 for 20 seconds. Using the 600 divided by focal length rule, I was just outside of the star trail effect with respect to the Earth’s rotation and my exposure time.

Setting stuff like the ISO and F-Stop I have down. Using the timer on my tripod is a huge bonus since I still do not have a remote switch for it yet. But, my night time photography has come along ways since my first night with the camera, just need more time and money.

On my wish list, I really want a wide angle lens, say, something like a 25 or 30mm macro that I can do a vast amount of sky with it. I am really liking this Sony a33. Learning new stuff with it everyday.

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