OK 2012 – 1st Day, So Far So Good

It is almost nineteen hours into 2012 and so far the new year is going great for me. I spent a lot of time today cleaning, catching up with friends by email and working on some projects that I am getting into over the next few weeks. I want this year to be a productive one, but the productivity part I want to keep under control, as oppose to everything controlling me such as time management. I also know that this year may mark a possible move for myself as somewhere in the next fourteen months I have to move.  I expect that 2012 will be busy one towards the end in the last few months, but I am hoping that nothing freaky happens like unexpected unemployment or  something alone those lines does not happen.

Today, I went shopping down a Walmart in Langley City first thing. Yes, they were open, right a 7:00am. With most of the city sleeping in from last night’s festivities, the roads we perfect for driving this morning, and finding parking, well, I thought I was dreaming. Within forty minutes, I had completed the round trip and was back home unpacking all of my groceries.

I emailed about twenty friends also today. This was more or less a means of keeping in touch with everyone. Most of the contacts I made were friends from university, and some colleagues, and some were old work buddies from years ago. I doubt that I will get replies from some, as I am sure their email accounts hove long since went delinquent, so this will be test to purge them from my address book. There are also some family members that I seem to have lost contact with too–hopefully I was hear back from them?

I have an agenda for my volunteering efforts too this year. I am hoping to get that under way very soon. I want to do more time with some programs that are with Corrections Canada. Also, I want to do some time with my alumni friends. I really want to keep in touch with my old school, so helping out, I feel is the best way to do that.

I know this year is going to be one of endurance and harsh times as the world economies try and sort their messes out and hopefully do not take me down with them. I am very thankful that I do not have any debt towards anyone while all of this is going on. I have so many friends that are slowly being swallowed up by debt that I worry about them. It is a given (and so obvious)  that costs are going up, and that I will have to adapt to the changing economy – buying less with the income that I have with be the challenge for 2012. So, hopefully I will still keep my current job and not have to look for another one, (know on wood) as the Canadian job market is looking really bleak right now. Yes, I worry about that becuase I know how “on the edge” everyone is living these days.

So, here is to a good year, and one that I hope we will all get through without too many battle scares.

Cheers and Happy New Years!

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