It was One Year Ago – The Loss of the IGA Store

It was in the early morning hours of January 4th, 2011 when the IGA store burnt down in Fort Langley. Looking back on that day, I still get a little upset as the loss of that that store has made life a little more inconvenient for myself, and for most other residence who I have spoken to in this small community.

According to the “The Fort” Winter 2011/12 issue, the fire was caused by a “botched burglary.”

Construction of the new store on the same property started around November 2011, but the store itself will be built on the parking lot at the corner of Mavis and Church Street instead of Glover Road and Mavis. We are waiting with anticipation.

The image above (taken with a point-and-shoot Kodak M1063 camera) is the newly laid foundation of the IGA over top of the former parking lot (Mavis and Church Street).

I know for myself, seeing progress on the site is welcomed news, and I just hope that I am still living here when the store finally opens.

If you want to view some of the photos that I took of the IGA Fire back on January 4th, 2011, please click here for my photo gallery.

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