Doing Some Night Photography in Fort Langley

Being that we are well into weeks of overcast winter weather for lousy optimum daytime photography, and it stopped raining, and it is really warm out (for this time of year), I thought why not do some night shooting with the camera? See Gallery Shots here.

I was inspired when I was searching on the net photos of Fort Langley, BC, and came across a night time shot of the Glover Road bridge, that used to take people to the Albion Ferry a few years back, so, I had to take some photos of it too! If I can shoot stars up in the sky with my camera, then I can shoot down to Earth images, with no problems at all, at night too. I focused on (pardon the pun) wide aperture, and long exposures or shutter speeds, between 5 to 10 seconds long, while keeping the ISO low, around 400 for sharpness and less noise. It was an awesome night for shooting.

Playing around with just the exposure time (shutter speed), the clouds looked really awesome! I thought the water was a great setting too becuase the original photo that I looked at also used the river for the main part of the scene. I am standing about where the original photo I saw was as far as location and where the camera is pointed.

Water, lights and clouds make a really good combination for night time shoots like this.

I have twenty shoots posted in my Gallery that you can view here: Fort Langley Jan 9 2012. All of these are night shots that I took. Let me know what you think by posting your comment in the comment link below. I would love to read them.

2 Thoughts on “Doing Some Night Photography in Fort Langley

  1. You should come to Victoria and take some night shots of the Parliament Building.

    Maybe Bucharde Gardens, you can get some good photo’s in there. Wilkonsen Prison looks promising for some interesting pics. “Hint, Hint”

  2. Thanks for the invite JM! Perhaps later on in the year when I can take some time off. Still working at the job full out – even thought it is slow.

    Ya, I really love this camera! I’m posting some more night photography tonight, that I took just now.

    Stay tuned!

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