Doing Some Night Photography in Fort Langley: Part 2

It was a spur of the moment when I decided to grab the camera and stand out in the middle of the street while people were walking by staring at me as I was shooting my camera at night scenes. Also, there was a very awesome looking (almost) full Moon out too, and people were asking me If I was shooting that too. “No,” I replied, ” I do not have the right lens for that.” But people were out too shooting with their point-and-shoot pocket cameras at the Moon – too funny.

One young women even told me that this Moon was the Harvest Moon? I thought that was during the month of October, but I just agreed and looked enthusiastic.

ADDED – Jan 12 2012: If you want to see all the shots for this set, click here, GALLERY 18. 20 photos taken.

So I walked through town, armed with my camera on a tripod, taking long exposures of anything that reflected, or emitted light. It was great! Here are some of the twenty shots I took:

Above, is the famous Fort Langley Community Hall. I just missed the x-mass tree as it was taken down the day before: it had lights on it!

Above, looking South on Glover Road, at 96th Avenue. Yes, that is a Sushi Shop there on the right, “Iron chef,” or something, but that is what the sign says?

Above, North on Glover Road, at Mary Avenue. Many Movies have been shot here.

Above, looking North on Glover Road towards the old “Frontier” Hardware Store.

Later on in the week I will post the whole load of photos in my Gallery. For now I need some sleep, as I have a long day tomorrow.

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