Ice Box World

Since we are on the topic of ice, I thought I would continue on with my photographic journey into Ice Photography. We seem to have a lot of it lately with the onset of a super cold snap that has hit the Metro Vancouver area. This is day three of freezing below zero Celsius weather, and tonight and tomorrow it is going to be worse yet as the daytime hight in Fort Langley only got up to -3C. So, tonight, we could see -11C! We are not used to this!

OK, ice. I was only outside for a short ten minute walk to the end of my driveway and back. This was as far as I dare go with only running shoes on. Not very winterly equip foot wear for this type of frigged weather either – but I managed to snap a few shoots off before I tip-toed back in side – running. So here is what I got:

I will add more text later when my fingers have blood circulating back in them again.

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