Today was a good day for melting snow. The snow is almost gone now, with just a few piles of it left over from the deep-freeze weather period we had from last week. It melted fast considering that the last few nights have been dropping below freezing. We had two days of huge rain storms, so that in itself got rid of most of the solid water left over from the snow dump. I hope that this is the last of the severe weather that winter will deal us for this season.

I have been hiding out inside the house for most this week, and spending more time at work than normal, staying well inside from the elements, becuase of the gloomy non-stop rain. Dull, grey, rainy weather is not good weather for getting outside and taking photos with the camera. This is all that I have on my mind lately during my private time, and I want to get out and take pictures in good light. I struggle with early winter nights that give very low light when I finally get home, making outside photography suck, unless I want to do more long exposure scenes, or inside photos?

Today was like a spring day as the Sun stayed out for most of it, and the temperature hovered around 10C. It felt nice, like spring, but sadly, I spent it working, trapped behind glass and solid walls. And as usual, when I got home, it was to dark to take good photos.

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