A Shot at the Moon

Finally, a shot at the Moon. My luck played in, as the Moon was in the right position, there was a fairly clear evening sky, and I was home with some time to spare; in all, a perfect recipe for a short photo shoot with the Moon. I must have looked like a crazy fool running outside onto the front lawn with all of my camera gear, a tripod, camera bag, and of course my camera in hand. Then fighting to set everything up as fast as I could to start shooting up into the Southern sky. They must have thought I was going nuts.

I am still green with knowing how to access all of the camera settings by memory. I should say, I know what I want, but taking the time to go through all of the camera’s menu functions, left me with a strong feeling of frustration, which was compounded while working in the cold and dark. As soon as I put the camera into “Auto” mode, the moon lit up like an ark of light in the viewfinder, as the sky behind it looked a lovely tint of blue; the exact opposite of what I wanted!

Setting the aperture and shutter speed took the longest. I followed the instructions to the letter from information that I found on the Internet, but somehow my camera was not responding to those setting, giving me the shot that I wanted. So some serious tweaking was involved. I made sure my ISO was set to 100 becuase this would give me the cleanest, clearest background without the noise in the photo. From there I played with the f-stop and shutter speed until I started getting something close to what I wanted. Using my DT55-200mm f4-5.6 SAM zoom lens, I was able to get some really good close-ups of the lunar surface.

I can see that one of my next purchases will be a remote switch for my camera. I have a good tripod, but the ground that I was on was grass, which is bouncy. Even with some weight on the tripod, just touching the camera with shutter speeds of 1/30, the vibrations wrecked some good shots of the Moon for me.

The Photo: The moon is in Waxing Crescent; the Illumination of the moon disk is at 21.7 %; the Moon is five days old. Shot taken at January 27th, 2012 at 5:48pm.

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