Tax Time: Feels like Punitive Punishment to me.

Yes sir, it is that time of year again, when my frustration from doing my annual income tax return comes out from the usually four hours of pen, paper and calculator, game I have to play. This year was not that bad compared to “tax pain sessions” in the past, but the feeling of just how much I got “raked over the coals,” from paying the MAN, really sinks in when you are grinding away at these tax forms.

There is one great feeling I have this year, and that is my income was lower this year compared to the last five, and this means that I paid less to the Man than I normally would have. The silver lining is that I contributed less to a government that I have ethical reservations with. Sadly, my thinking is flawed because governments in general, and this one in particular, can create deficits and debts, that they can pass on to our children long term. So the pain of a bad government can have future repercussions far into the future. However, this year, they had less of my money to play around with, so I see that as a good thing from my perspective.

I should strongly point out that I have no objections to paying taxes, as I understand full well the necessary function that this money goes towards. My objections go towards governments that squander this money on frivolous things and functions that do more harm than good. Corporate welfare is just one of my pet peeves when it comes to seeing how my tax money is spent. Then there is this whole equality thing that I see so wrongly laid out to the different income classes.

Anyway, I have done my rough work. Most of my calculations are done, and it all looks good in terms of completeness and accurateness. Tomorrow when I am not so frustrated, I will transfer my calculations of the final draft, and go over them one last time. Monday I will snail-mail my paperwork off to the boys over at the tax department. I am expecting a refund this year, so I will see how well my calculations stack up to the Revenue Agency’s final tally on me goes.

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