Going through Last Year’s Photos

Since it is raining out like crazy, to the point that I cannot get any sleep becuase at times it is so loud, I thought I would spend some of that time going through my photos from last year and try and organize them into something more manageable. Then, of course, finding photos that look awesome from my rearranging and sorting is what I would like to post and present to you today.

Remember that these photos were taken before I had properly set up my camera. All of the first 300 or so images I captured with my Sony A33 camera were basically set in “AUTO” mode, letting the camera decide what is best for me.

Now that I have a ten-fold better understanding of shooting techniques, and a twenty-fold better understand my camera, these photos are atrocious now that I see them in my humble opinion.

Now I see a nap time coming on as I fight off insomnia.

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