Getting Better Moon Photos With My Sony A33

I have a better understanding of my camera now, and it is all starting to sink in–after further reading the owner’s manual. I had a golden shot of the Moon today, as it was almost overhead, and past the First Quarter position of its month long cycle around the Earth. Within five shots, and about ten minutes of waiting for a small cloud to pass by, I had my money shot of the allusive Moon with my 200mm telephoto lens.

I switched the camera to “M” mode (manual shutter and aperture) and dialed the shutter to about 1/40 to 1/60, and set my shutter to f11, and I was getting really awesome contrast, colour and sharpness in my images. Now, it is too easy to set everything up, but I am still far from being at the point where I can just instinctively adjust the camera to the best settings. The above image is taken at: 1/100, F11, ISO100, 200mm, using a Sony DT55-200mm F4-F5.6 SAM telephoto lens on a Sony A33 camera.

The funny thought I had the last time I was trying to shoot the Moon was I had forgotten how to switch back and forth from Shutter to Aperture settings in “M” mode on my SonyA33. Now, I see the right buttons, and have everything set up and ready for the next time I go Moon shooting. But it was frustrating the last time, trying to figure out why I could not adjust my F-stop. Now seeing the switching button on the outside of the camera, I feel kind of stupid, in a humorous way.

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