A Sunny Day to Shoot For – Photography

Oh glorious sunny days, even in mid winter, days like this cannot be missed by staying indoors. My enthusiasm dominated my lack of sleep from the work week, teasing my body to get up and get out, taking the camera with me outside as the Sun had no clouds to block its shine. In Vancouver, days like this are rare, or are in short numbers in the grip of the West Coast winter, as clouds and rain seem to last for months. From November to March, days are gloomy and dull for picture taking, and drag the soul down with it too.

The survivor of winter, a raspberry plant taking on the frost, short days, and attacks from a weed-eater machine by the local grounds keeper. Its leaves perked up, as we are now on “day two” of a sunny spell of weather.

The Fort Langley Airport seems busy also, and could be blamed on the perfect flying weather conditions.

I call this shot, “Tie-Die Clouds” becuase the clouds seem to have the same pattern as a sheet coloured with the tie-die method.

More of those “Tie-Die” pattern clouds. I know, my aviation friends are going to comment, and make say what the technical names are for these clouds. So, guys, for now, just enjoy the blog, and do not wreck the experience for everyone else.

Last one. The old pine that is near by. This poor tree as seen a lot of action over the years since I have lived here. From a near by house fire, to a couple of ice storms that broke most of its branches, I am amazed that it still lives. In just over a year, its days will end as gentrification will mean that it will be chopped down to make way for the next wave of development in Fort Langley. Enjoy its peace until then.

One Thought on “A Sunny Day to Shoot For – Photography

  1. Nice photos! Yes, it was just too beautiful outside to stay inside today. The sun was fabulous and yes, not a cloud in the sky when I went out to the park by the river. I also had a great time looking at all the cool junk in the vintage shop next to the river park before going out walking in the sun again. 😎 Cheers!

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