My Camera Bug Addiction Continues

My camera shooting spree continues as I planned today’s hike with clockwork and strategy, keeping in mind that with this onset of wonderful unexpected sunny weather, I needed to catch the light when it was perfect – near dusk. It was a cool 10C and many people were also out on the trails making is difficult at times not have them in my shots. I am not a people photographer, yet, so finding these choice spots meant walking in circles at one location I like. So, without further ado.

Above, on the bridge (Glover Road) in Fort Langley, looking East towards Marena’s Park. Below, an abandon bike that was probably stolen and then tossed off from the bridge.

Above, grass, with the distant trees blurred out (bokeh effect). Below is beneath the bridge on the Brea Island side of the Fraser River.

Above, looking at Bedford Landing, just outside of Fort Langley, taken from Brea Island. Below, a rather neat shot of where the river goes during the flooding season.This was some 18mm wide angle shooting.

The image above, is my attempt at getting the right blur in the background, or good bokeh, but becuase I used the kif lens for all of these shots, the blur is often hard to achieve. All the shots above were done with the Sony kid lens 3.5-5.6/18-55mm SAM lens, on a Sony A33 body.

Soon I will invest in macro lenses. Right now I have my heart on a 30mm prime lens so that I can do close-up shooting and extreme wide angle photos. After that, possibly a prime 50mm lens for street photography. Yes, I feel I can graduate up to this level of photography. I also want a good flash, preferably one with bounce and wireless. Hey, one can dream, right!

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