Vexing Laundry: the Soap Opera

There are advantages to starting early and getting the bulk of your work done before the onset of everyone else starting their’s. This morning was laundry time, and as a rule, I start mine every Sunday morning right when the laundromat opens. Some of my close friends kid around with me about my laundry hardcore attitude, but when you have gone through some of my adventures and of laundry Hell that I have gone through, you would then appreciate my attitude.

I start my laundry right when the laundromat opens. Every Sunday, just before 8:00am, the doors open, and I quickly run in and start my task of laundry. My vantage point from my home is such that I can see the owner of the laundromat leave their office doors, and walk towards the laundromat. This is huge for me since many times they are early, and sometimes late, and their starts times very from one week to the next based on if they sleep in or not.

My early Sunday morning starts were never part of my normal routines, as I was never like this back in the old days. I used to do laundry whenever I felt like it, or when there was the stinky need to do it. However that all ended on one occasion when I had my entire load of clothes stolen. Yes, you heard me, a batch of men’s pants, underwear, t-shirts and socks, gone, just after I threw then into the dryer. Later that week I did see my pants again, though on someone else, a young man. Then later on, one of my t-shirts worn by his girl friend. How sick is that?

What do you do when someone has stolen your clothes?

The hardship for me was when I had to wear the same pair of pants for the following Four days until I got my next pay cheuque, then this meant having to forgo my food budget because it was also rent time too. There were also the many times that I wanted to tear a strip off these two people, but how do I justify the violence towards them when the police could not even help return my clothes – I needed to have witnessed the event, and I was not able to stand guard over my laundry during the whole time. I mean, it is not like I sew my name into every garment I own either?

So, since that time, and many other times of lesser laundry mishaps before and since, I do it when most of the population is still sleeping. Sundays are the perfect time to do laundry here in Fort Langley, first thing in the morning.

2 Thoughts on “Vexing Laundry: the Soap Opera

  1. Wow. That was interesting — but, of course it’s too bad that you got your laundry stolen. I wouldn’t have known what to say when I saw people wearing my stolen clothes either. In the three years or so that I’ve been here, I’m lucky that I haven’t had any of my clothes stolen. I do tend to do my laundry Friday afternoon as I don’t find a lot of people in there using the machines then. When I go to my dad’s though, I do laundry there which negates having to do it here anyway.

  2. Yeah, nothing beats having your own washing machine. I sure miss mine.

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