Full Moon Capture – Got It!

This will be my last Moon shot for a while. Not becuase I am getting sick of shooting the Moon with my camera, but becuase Vancouver is now going back into its normal cycle of winter weather. I predict that we are going to have several weeks of overcast skies, and rain to go with it. The last Six days have been a blast with getting out and taking some outdoor photography with super clear skies and warm sunny days. I will miss this.

The clouds just stared to roll in with a thin blanket of high clouds at first, but right on their heals, coming in from the South West, I could see the nasty stuff following over the horizon. The above shot was what I had to work with before I kicked in with the telephoto. This shot was my 50mm Zoom lens. But below, through the haze, is my best shot of the Full Moon over Fort Langley this evening.

You can see how the high clouds really killed the shot. But, at least, I have my Full Moon shot I have always wanted. The above shot was with my 200mm lens, and the image is cropped. The photo details are: ISO100, 1/125, F11 on my Sony A33, with a 200mm telephoto lens (DT55-200mm f4-5.6 SAM).

ADDED: February 7, 2012. I decided today to throw this photo of my last Moon shots into this post becuase this was the only image that I used the flash. After looking at a couple of days later, it made sense in my mind to use it as an example of contrast between the clouds and tree that I was shooting against with the Moon. This is photo is straight from RAW to PNG format without any tweaking, using Shotwell software (Linux – Ubuntu 11.10).

It is amazing what a little flash can do to a photo like this: just enough to make out the branches on the tree and add some depth to the clouds.

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