Macro Lens Is On Its way

In about five days I will have my latest addition to my growing lens collection for my Sony A33 camera. I have purchased a Sony SAL30m20, which is a 30 mm prime macro F2.8 lens. I am really hyped about this little lens becuase the one thing I am lacking right now in my photography is a good wide angle lens. Of course, having a lens with a 1:1 ratio is great, but this lens has a minimum working distance of just under 2 cm! That is very close.

Image courtesy of Sony Canada (2011)

One can dream, and keep on dreaming, working towards the day when you can live that dream and then dream some more, right? Yes, lately I have been getting cabin fever, waiting for good weather to get out and shoot with my camera. Time and daylight are my biggest problems becuase I have so little of each. But having that new toy, this lens, will make staying inside even that much more unbearable.

My hopes with this lens are nature photography, mixed in with some astronomy, or sky photography too. I can see myself shooting a lot of plants, insects and small animals with this lens too.

Although this is a very wide angle lens, it is possible, from what I have read, to do portrait photography with it too, but I think I would rather have a 50 mm macro for that. I will be testing this lens once I get it, and I will do both inside and outside shoots. I cannot wait!

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