A Walk in Marina Park, Fort Langley

I raced this morning to get out of the house becuase I almost slept in. I was wakened by what sounded like a jack hammer going off early this morning around 5:00 or 6:00am, and I could not get back to sleep after that. Yes, I have some retarded, inconsiderate neighbours who just do not get it. So, once I got sleeping again, I almost missed the best part of the day by sleeping in. I did get out when the Sun was nearing its best time (best of two) of the day, the twilight morning, and I reached the park just as more clouds were rolling in blocking out the Sun.

Then once that was all done I unloaded the files from my camera onto my PC and started editing the little video I posted on YouTube.


I have more appreciation and love for my camera after today’s morning walk. Even with the low light, and numerous people walking, riding and asking me stupid questions, like “Wow, what are you photographing…?” I amazingly managed to avoid getting any humans in my shots. The camera was awesome in times of getting the shot. The auto focus, and fast settings response, got me some nice shots that I otherwise would have never gotten with most any other cameras I have.

The video is just a few video clips and some of the photos I shot, mixed into a 3:32 min long YouTube movie. I just did my walk in and around the park, and the music I added was some old stuff I have from years ago, 2007 I think?

So enjoy the video, and the photos, and let me know what you think by click on “comment” down below this post!

6 Thoughts on “A Walk in Marina Park, Fort Langley

  1. Nice pictures and videos, but you need some more action in your films.Come and take some shots when fishing !!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Dan!

    Keep me updated on the fishing, I would love to photogragh everyone fishing – you fish, I shoot. 🙂

  3. Good photos and videos! I love going to Marina Park (but no, don’t take a pic of me there lol.)

  4. Thomasso Bartholomew Garcieass

    is this you Tom,

    Freedom Fest 2001 ????

    Michael & Linda

  5. 604-469-5505

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