Under the Zoom Lens

Well, one more sleep (possibly two sleeps) until I get my 30mm Macro lens. Today I was experimenting with the kit lens of my Sony A33, seeing what its limits are in terms of close-up photography: it sucks. It is nothing close (pardon the pun) to what I want, or need, to scratch my photo-bug itch in photography with. The kit lens does not come close to the type of photography shots I want. But, now that I have done some more research, I may want to also get a 50mm and 100mm prime lens for my collection on top of the 30mm. My learning is starting to change my priorities – but I still want the 30mm macro. This is going to get expensive satisfying all my wants and needs?

Yes, tonight I was picking on my poor plant, again. I think the plant has now been subjected to more flashes and strobes than crack-addict rave junkie with a disco-ball tied to his or her forehead. I am not sure if my plant is happy about all of this attention? It may want to sign a contract with me, asking for money, if I put it through more photo shoots like this?

Anyway, the above image is as close I can get with the kid lens that I have, the 18 to 50mm lens. I think this is about 30CM working distance. Far, far, far from what I want.

Update: I just got the call that the lens will be in town on Tuesday night (Tomorrow) and I should have it in my hot little hands by Wednesday morning. So excited. 🙂

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