Macro Land, Here I Come!

I have it! Right at this very second I have my brand new 30mm macro lens attached to my camera, and I am trigger happy. I missed the daylight becuase of traffic in Langley City (I hate that town and its stupid traffic), so most of my shots are inside ones. Already I am loving it! Check this out:

This lens allows me to get right up to just over two centimeters from the object I want to shoot; so that is very close. On top of this closeness, the ratio is 1:1 magnification at a focal length of 43mm, allowing me to get super close, or far back enough to do super wide angle scenes.

Of course, what would a day be without shooting my kitchen plant! I should start a blog just for it. LOL!

I am learning very quickly that with the larger aperture, comes small depth of field, and nice bokeh. It is like the object that you want to do a close-up on, has to be almost flat, or some of it will be blurred away with this small area left in focus.


I just had to sneak this one in.

Since I was sitting right beside it, my pencil, I thought “why not shoot it too”? I tell you, my pencil never looked so good before like this.

4 Thoughts on “Macro Land, Here I Come!

  1. Great photos! I think you should start a blog for your pencil – great face – looks a little Simpsonish….lol.

  2. I think if your pencil could talk, it would probably tell us that you have to much time on your hands. Good photos. Let’s see what you can do with a pair of shoes.

  3. Gudrun, Thanks. As far as starting up a second blog for my pencil…, I would have to think about that. Time is my big issue right now–just not enough of it.

  4. Hey Turtle, (aka Mom)

    Humm, shoes eh?

    You want me to shoot footwear?

    Well, to answer your last point, when I get more time for myself, I may consider shooting some shoes for you. Maybe closeups with my new lens. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment! Cheers!

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