A Memorial To a Man Named Brad

It was early Saturday morning a accident occurred along the tracks of Glover Road and the railway crossing in Fort Langley where a man, 50 years of age, lost his life. According to the Langley Times, on February 11, 2012, a man was crossing the tracks and he was hit by a train when he was crossing the tracks, on his way home from the Fort Pub. Not much was presented in the news paper article, and given that I live less than One block away, news did not spread like wild fire. I did not actually discover that a man had died there until the following Sunday when I seen a woman and a young girl placing a large candle on the mechanical swinging arm that stops traffic from crossing while a train is passing by.

A week later the memorial has grown at the railway crossing, and more about the victim can be seen from the tributes posted there. The Man’s name is Brad, and he was 50 years old. Several photos of him are now displayed at the site, and even this morning when I went to shoot the memorial, people were walking up to it to lay flowers, and to read the notes attached to the mechanical swinging arm and lights.

As for myself, I am in a bit of a shock becuase this is not the first time that this has happened, and since the upgrade made by the railway company, there has not been a death on these tracks in several years. However, the use of public foot traffic has never been grater either. With the mini population boom to Fort Langley from the Bedford Langley projects, people crossing those tracks by foot has increased a lot. I should also note too the the man who lost his life there, last week, was leaving from the Fort Pub. Perhaps the need for a better pedestrian control at the crossing is in order?


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