Sure Slow, but Surely – the Fort Langley IGA

It is sure going slow, in my opinion, but progress seems surely going forward as the IGA grocery market/store is being constructed. From just over a year since the former store was burnt down to the ground by an early morning fire, the new building seems like it is taking forever to finish as many, including myself, are wanting a functioning grocery store badly in our small town.

At least seeing the construction is welcomed news. The new look is going to be welcomed on the weary eyes of the residence of Fort Langley in my opinion. The construction of the new building is already showing what the new theme is looking like: a barn style shape with easy access from Church Street, and the back from between Glover Road along Mavis Avenue.

So here is to waiting; waiting for that yummy delicatessen food, and a five minute walk to do grocery shopping again.

3 Thoughts on “Sure Slow, but Surely – the Fort Langley IGA

  1. You really have a love affair with this IGA, don’t you? ­čśÉ


  2. I wouldn’t call it a love affair.

    When you compare that to now: I have to drive 15 minutes to get groceries. Before, a 2 minute walk to that IGA. Yeah, it’s a big deal. For me anyways. I’d rather walk than drive, especially for groceries.

    And I do miss it – it was a community market, and they treated everyone really good.

    You just don’t get that with the Big Box Stores in town.

    Thanks for your comment RadMan!

  3. As someone who lives in this area and doesn’t drive now, the IGA is important to me too. It was so handy just to walk there a few times a week and stock up on the specials.

    I see now that the little mall off the corner where the bike shop is has started competing a little with the new IGA to be built, it seems. They’re going to be giving the outer building somewhat o a facelift as well as redo the sidewalks and expand the size of the parking area.

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