FLowers on Today’s Walk Through Town

The Sun unexpectedly appeared as the clouds scampered off South, and the day was wonderful. I got home early enough to enjoy a good walk while soaking up some badly needed rays. I brought the camera, armed with my spiffy new 30mm macro lens, and shot just about every flower that I came across. There are not that many flowers out this of year in Fort Langley, so my shooting was in three locations: Post Office, Church Street near the Pet Shop, and on McBride Street very close to my home. Just knowing that there are flowers out now brings hope that spring is just around the corner on the calendar.

2 Thoughts on “FLowers on Today’s Walk Through Town

  1. Those are beautiful flower photos! I was out Friday afternoon enjoying the sights of the flowers too. I even saw mini daffodils somewhere which made me think that Easter was on the way, except really it’s over a month until then.

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