Parking Lot Upgrade

As the old song goes, “Big Yellow Taxi,” 1970 by Joni Mitchall, “they paved paradise to put up a parking lot,” but since there was already a parking lot, we will just re-pave it anyways (Wikipedia). I thought when I drove by it today that they were adding a new building, or something becuase of all the construction vehicles. The place was full of activity in the little strip mall in Fort Langley.

I think the true peeved-off patrons were those who wanted to drive up to the Liquor Store, but instead had to park elsewhere and walk to it.

It also looks like they are adding more area to the parking lot too?

Anyways, since I just researched Joni Michtell’s songs, here is her You Tube video, “Big Yellow taxi.”


Funny, after listening to Joni’s song, it now seems fitting for our little town [Fort Langley] now. She was really talking about gentrification and the environment (and her matrimonial affair) way back in 1970. It is a great song.

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