Shooting Gooey Slimy Things in My Back Yard

As mentioned in my last post (the post I just made this morning) the weather has been poor for shooting outside in. The light showers today were sporadic and unpredictable, and we even had a short burst of sunshine that lasted for a few minutes, but I was busy when that happened.  I only ventured out onto the rain soaked lawn for a few shots becuase there was an explosion of mushrooms popping up everywhere amongst the grass and moss, and they looked cool. Oh the itch to get out and shoot is getting to me.

I have had some interesting comments about the above image from friends on Twitter. I guess if you use your imagination you see that these may resemble the Male sex organ in some way? Some even said that these are “magic” mushrooms? Oh some people.

This guy (above) was extremely slimy and had a real pungent smell to it. I am fortunate that my camera has a tilty, swivelly monitor-viewfinder on it so I can place it close to the object, keep everything in focus and in frame, and yet making sure that the camera does not touch it and not slime the lens, without me being at ground level with it.

Did I say I love this camera?

And from ground level looking up, I shot from underneath a raspberry plant that has managed to survive the winter and the yard cleaner’s weed-whacker. Looks cool eh?

I cannot wait until the weather clears up and I have loots of daylight to shoot in. I think it is called spring–whenever that happened? Heck, even a clear night to do some astrophotography would be nice! Anything but rain and cold!

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