The Weather This Week… Well…

The weather this last week really sucked compared to the little streak of great weather we had the week before. Oh how the rain kills the happy feelings and turns everything down with it. Not only was the days spent at home bad, but more so were the days at work, as the weather effected everyone, even us inside workers. The commute times were longer with the threat of snow, and productivity dropped by a noticeable margin becuase rain and snow slowed our outside workers to the point of shutting down for longer periods for safety reasons. It was a mess on Thursday and Friday for us.

The rain over the last two days was quite harsh at times too. Going out for walks while I was home was out of the question, as near freezing temperatures made the threat of snow staying on ground something that I wanted to avoid, along with the rain. Driving was not a pleasant pastime either as visibility was a big issue–sideways rain is bad.

Today, the weather office has dropped the rain warnings this morning, but the wind warning is still in effect. I have noticed some gusts that shook my windows, but nothing too serious yet-fingers crossed.

I need to take a walk though. Should I risk it? Yes, I am a weather hating Canadian!

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