Leap Year – If I Were Born On This Day

Surprise, surprise, we get an extra day in February, today. A good thing for some, and a bad thing for others, depending upon your perspective. If you pay rent, or have monthly payments, then this is a great day because you are getting this extra Twenty-Four hours that you otherwise would not have. If you are one of those people who just wants to get February over and done with, then this is just an extra day of agony for you.

Imagine if you were born on a February 29, the looks you would get when you tell your peers that you are only Ten, yet really you are Forty?

I know someone who is.

After getting to know him, a few facts were answered for me. Of course your identification would show your age, thus, the identification people know how to deal with this problem, but in technical terms, you are Ten, if you were born Forty years ago. My friend only celebrates his birthday normally on the 28th, and when a leap year occurs, he then shift his celebration on that day instead. But it is cool to know a “Leaper,” and I do make remarks about him acting his age. His wife is ten times harder on him than we are, by the way.

So happy leap year day—whatever, however you call it, I wish you all a good day.

One Thought on “Leap Year – If I Were Born On This Day

  1. Yes, I have a cousin with a February 29 birthday. I also knew someone from my time living in Langley city. They both would also usually celebrate their birthdays on the 28th. A “leaper” lol, sounds too much like leper. 😎

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