So, Are We Getting Closer to Spring Now?

I did not want this post to turn out to be a harp about the weather, and how I think winter has dragged on far too long. Nor did I want to focus on why I never look forward to the month of March. So, it brings me to great glumness that I am going to start off this post, on the first day of March, with a harp about the weather, and how much I hate March.

This frick’n weather sucks here in the Fraser valley! I cannot not wait until April, as I already think four more weeks of rain and cold, plus that stupid daylight savings time that is coming up, it is all bull, and it is getting me down right depressed.

OK, I got that out of my system, I feel a little bit better now.

Restorative Justice on a Sunday

This weekend’s accomplishments have been incredible. I put away my camera (due to crappy weather causing bad lighting outdoors) and focused on working with some of my friends and colleagues in Abbotsford, British Columbia, participating in a sentencing circle. I always enjoyed participating in Restorative Justice, and I volunteer as much as I can. Sadly, it is time consuming, and required a huge amount of dedication. This is probably why there are not too many jobs in this field. I see a lot “professionals” who do try to do various types of Restorative Justice initiatives, but you can hardly call a couple of two hour sessions proper and productive. The circle that I join in was part of a three day, six hours each affair, of which I only attended the mid point of it. This circle consisted of nearly 36 people, involving five offenders and numerous victims.

I need to also keep a strict level of ambiguity of the details, and keep everything anonymous, for obvious reasons—we are dealing with young offenders, so the law requires a ban on publication—including this blog.

I wish everyone at the event well, and I hope that the healing will close the pain that was caused from a very unfortunate event so long ago. There are some very dedicated people who believe in healing and bringing back together the community, and I hope Canada never loses sight of that in its sentencing mandates. Restorative Justice works!

On a personal note, I am seeing the shift from Corrections Canada Services on it/them/they getting out of the rehabilitation programs and focusing on fulfilling only the punitive and sentencing aspects of inmates. I know rehabilitation is huge on money and resources, but it is better than keeping the revolving door of offenders from going back and forth in and out of prison.

I felt good after meeting and working with my colleagues again from SFU, UBC and KPU.

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