Shooting is better in Raw

It is just me and my laptop, and it is almost midnight over here. I am bored, yet very tired, but I cannot get to sleep. So, I thought I would go through some of the images and Raw Files that I had stored on my laptop and see what I could come up with in terms of finding something new and exciting with my photos. First thoughts after playing with these Raw files is that Raw files are way better than just the plane old Jpeg files I normally work with. In fact, after tonight, I may just dump Jpeg files altogether now that I have seen the power of Raw!

The first problem that I have with Raw files is what program is the best?

I’m too cheep for that proprietary crap, so my choices are open source, or something that is free. Luckily there are several programs that are available in Linux, I have just tried a few of them tonight. I am still far too new at this whole Raw editing thing to give a qualified comparison and contrast post, so I will just spill it out as if I am doing an unboxing post.

My choices are, so far, Shotwell (Ubuntu Default), Darktable, Rawstudio, RawTherapee, UFRaw. So far, and by far, UFRaw is user friendly (so far), and RawTherapee seems to be a close second in my book. RawTherapee was the software that I used to create the graphic below.

The above image was taken a couple of weeks ago with my 30mm macro lens (DT30mm 2.8 Marcro SAM), ISO 100 1/80 f2.8 on my Sony A33, shot in aperture priority mode. I combined this series of smaller images with the GIMP, and out putted the image format as a PNG file.

As I explore and play around with these new programs, and with Raw itself, I am sure I will find a whole new world of post editing I never knew of before in my ever expanding world of photography. I think I can say, Jpegs are gone, or at least, I will depend on that file format less and less as I go along.

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