More Macro Nature Photography

I just want to get this post up really quickly, so very little in terms of texts, but more on the photos that I took while at the Post Office in Fort Langley, BC. Actually, there is one thing I just learned about my camera (Sony A33), and that is, the focal length is not full, or equivalent to that of a 35mm camera. The formula is, add half the focal length to the lens to determine the true focal length. So, a 50mm lens will  be a 75mm equivalent (there about) in the 35mm format.  This does make perfect sense as to why I was not getting some shots that I wanted when doing wide angle scenes, especially with my 30mm macro lens. It seemed like a 50mm instead of 30mm. Now I know why.

Yes – I am picking on the little purple flowers–again. They are so…, purple.

Spring – buds, budding!

Something that grows really good here: tree moss.

I hope the good weather keeps up!

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