A Short Walk Down Mavis Avenue

The weather was turning to the bad, and I was loosing light fast after just getting home from work. I wanted to shoot some photos before it started raining, as in typical Vancouver fashion, when it rains, it usually lasts for a week before the next weather system moves in with sunshine mixed in it. Again, like my last four posts with photos in them, these feature my spiffy new 30mm macro lens.

I have also done some math on my camera and lenses, and found that my 30mm lens is really not a 30mm lens when basing it on a 35mm format. My censor on my camera has a 1.5 crop factor which means that my 30mm lens is really a 45-47mm lens. I might as well call it a 50mm portrait lens. Oh well, at least I get super good close-ups with it, at around 19mm minimum focusing distance. It is still a cool lens.

Dead plants from last year. Oh how I am missing the warm sunny weather. Come on spring, hurry it up and start!

Last year’s Rose-hip.

From prickly plants to stone blocks.

Actually, with the Sun defused behind the clouds, the bokeh looks really awesome in these shots! For those who do not know what bokeh is, please have a look at Bokeh-Wikipedia. These shots were taken along Mavis Avenue, in Fort Langley by the railway station.

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