Shooting an Apple

It is raining outside, and I have a pile of paperwork to work on, but no initiative to start it, so, after watching the latest YouTube video from DigitalRev TV on cheap camera food photography, I suddenly became inspired to try some of their tricks for food photography myself. So here I go.

Ta-Da! My apple shot with my “no cost” studio set-up for less than, well, from what I scrounged around the house:

Notice the smooth lighting on the left. This was my homemade light box which consisted of a cardboard box, with a cut-out hole that fits a letter size sheet of paper over it to defuse the light, and a cheap old 40W incandescent tiny light bulb as the light source. The blue light on the right side is from a LED flashlight with a sheet of toilet paper taped over it to defuse the light from it–but still a little too sharp. The muslin, or back-drop, is just good old typing paper tapped to my tripod.

Here is the web-link for DigitalRev TV Youtube video on “DRTV Cheap Photoshoot Challenge – Food Photography” where you can see how they did it. They are funny, only becuase they cannot act, which makes them that much more entertaining.

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