Need More Light: Homemade Photo Studio Project

Yes, I am the first one to admit, I need more light if I am going to create my fantastic photos inside my home. At this point in my armature quest for prefect lighting, I am using two small desk lamps which are so poorly suited for studio photography that the effort to make seemingly good photos has put my nerves to the breaking point. I see in my future buying some half decent light stands, or a combination of flashes with soft-boxes.

With the light that I have on hand, my working area is about 20cm by 20cm; not very big. I am also using two different types of light: one incandescent light source, and the other, a compact florescent light; both are about 40 watts. My poor White-Balance indicator is not happy with me.

I am using white typing paper as the background. With this set-up, I am surprised at how much control I have over the lighting! I like the soft look, and by justing the paper I have over the lamps, I can get some really nice soft light effects.

And yes, I went back to my apples. This time I went with all three apples instead of the one, to see if I could improve on my composition and lighting skills. This is where I seen the need for more powerful lights. I also wished that I had a better key light source, and one additional  light lighting up the background.

I finished off taking some more shots of my pencil, which is the perfect model–never moves, and never complains. This shot is perfect for summing up how I felt when finishing my homemade experimental studio–having a bad hair day.

Have a great weekend. I am off to Chilliwack/Abbotsford, BC with some colleagues from KPU heading over to the Corrections Canada Parole building for some lectures on Halfway Housing in the future. Should be fun.

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