Daylight Savings Time, the Birds and Photographically Happy

Today I am generally feeling good, although there are a few gripes that popped up, but I am busy so they do not really count as being blog worthy. “Busy,” seems to be my most common adjective describing 2012 so far for me. I am staying home today to catch up on personal things that I have ignored for weeks now. There a some family matters that I need to deal with before time takes them away and they end up forgotten. I also want to spend some time reading more literature about my camera, and make a list of what else I want to buy to feed my photography bug before time and money make it impossible to do in the short term.

So far today the Sun made a brief appearance through the clouds, and I hopped outside to photograph some really neat looking storm clouds, but the light was too strong, so I may have to wait until later on in the day to shoot them. I did shoot some tree branches that have started to bud, sending the message that spring is here!

Black and white photos seem to have a look and feel on their own when taken from the same colour image. I always believed that a black and white photo was a waste of pixels taken from a colour camera, but now I am seeing the artistic value they make, especially when shooting clouds. Clouds really stand out from a blue sky. However, in this case, I was not shooting in black and white, but I was using one of the cool photo effects Sony has on this camera where it only shows a selected colour, as in this case, blue, and leaves the rest of the image in black and white. After taking it, I thought, “wow, this is really cool.”

Other than my watermark, there is some blue in this photo–right at the top of the tree on the left.

As proof that spring is here, I did not have to go far from my doorstep to find a branch of a tree that is budding. This is a branch from a Walnut tree that grow along the property line. Fort Langley is populated with many of these trees. And yes, they produce walnuts.

Other sure signs of spring are Daylight Savings, which I hate, and Robbins (birds in general) going into spring mode. This morning the chirping was so loud I woke up at 6:00am listening to them doing their business. Yelling, “get a room” makes no difference to them; and they do not care whose watching, or listening to the racket. But that is O.K., as I had to get up anyway becuase the shift in time due to Daylight Savings.

ADDED: Last minute photo.

Above–I shot this one with my 200mm (300mm in 35mm format) but it had a really high ISO on it, so I saved it in RAW, and edited it into a black and white JPEG image.

I think we may see some lighting after all tonight? I would love to shoot that! Possible lighting photos coming up!

One Thought on “Daylight Savings Time, the Birds and Photographically Happy

  1. I really like the black and white photos. Yes, they have a moody kind of look to them that I love. I hate daylight savings time too because I don’t think we humans have to f*** with absolutely everything. That said, I do like that it stays lighter later in the evenings. This is nice for after dinner walks.

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