Friday Is Here

Finally, Friday has arrived, and none too soon, as I have waited for the end of the work week to get here with so much anticipation. Although tonight I have a volunteer meeting to go to, just having time off from my day job is welcomed. I like my job, my regular employment, but this week was extra difficult with the new demands being placed on my employer to meet all of the requirements from our new contract. The added glum weather and co-workers stressed out, made for a situation that none of us wanted to be in. The great news is, I have two days in which to forget about that and focus on other entirely different stresses. What would life be without a little stress in it, eh?

Although I consider clouds to be cool for photographing, this one is currently parked over top of Fort Langley spewing out rain with no end in sight. This is the typical weather pattern from over the last three days: rain, sun, rain, sun with wind, rain with gusting winds, then more rain topped off with a short burst of sunshine–then repeat this pattern. Someone make it stop.

Anyway, it is the weekend. Time to unstress.


I just had to add this shot from the same batch of shots I took of that storm cloud. I edited this one from the RAW file, trying to clean up some of the noise from using a hight ISO.

The details: 160mm (285mm at 35mm format) f13 1/500 ISO 400.

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