A Good Day’s Shoot’n – Clear Sky: Good Sun!

On my way back home today from being up in the Valley, I stopped just down the road from where I live, a little place called Glen Valley, and shot a few hundred photos. The day turned great as right around sunset the sky cleared right up from the South, and the South West from where Vancouver is. I was the supreme shutter bug, going on a shooting spree, as I had so much built up photographer’s anxiety from three months of bad shooting weather; this was my therapy, my chance to unwind, and shoot like this was the last day sunshine.

I think everyone around the world thinks that Vancouver, British Columbia, is surrounded by mountains. This is not true, as there are mountains to the North, but from the East and South it is mostly flat land, and as you drive further away, you hit farming country. This is not to say that you do not see the mountains from Vancouver, but there is a lot of flat land between them and the city. I live among the agrarian communities, mine is called Fort Langley. The above photo is a cranberry farm, below, more of a wide shot of Glenn Valley–same shot, different viewpoint.

Here is a close-up shot of the chain that blocks cars from entering the aquifer access road. Cool eh?

There you go–mountains, using my 200mm telephoto lens. With the crop factor on my camera, this works out to having a 300mm lens.

I then packed it up and continued on home. But this was only round one or two photo shoots. I also had in mind to fulfill a request made by a Twitter friend, SpacePops, who asked if I could shoot the planets Venus and Jupiter, as those two object were high in the evening sky, and very bright right now. I have better photo equipment to shoot them with as compared to an iphone.

So, the two points of light you see in the above image are planets, taken with my 30mm macro, ISO 100, F2.3, 1.25 sec exposure on my Sony A33. The top light dot is Venus, and the bottom is Jupiter. When I get my mount for my telescope, I should be able to get very detailed, and closer shots of deep-space objects, but that is later on down the road when I get more money saved up for this hobby.

While I was waiting for the Sun to set, and I was standing on the shores of the Fraser River in Fort Langley, I took this shot of the Bedford Landing housing development.

There, this concludes my day for photography. Have a great weekend everyone!

One Thought on “A Good Day’s Shoot’n – Clear Sky: Good Sun!

  1. Nice pics! Glad you were able to get a clear shot of Venus & Jupiter. I don’t recall anything this exciting going on in the sky since Comet Hale-Bopp!

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