I Asked for More Light, and I Got It

I am in sheer delight. I was not expecting my shipment from Hong Kong until next Friday. With less than Four days since I, with the help of my friend, made those few clicks with the mouse on the Digital Rev website, I got the call just a while ago that my flash was here, waiting for me. It showed up this morning.

It is hard to believe that this flash was sitting on a shelf in Hong Kong, China, just a few days ago. And equally hard to believe at much money I saved buying it there than here in Canada. And, even more unbelievable is how fast this company, Digital Rev, shipped it out to me–across the Pacific Ocean!

Regrettably, it is too late for me to write more about the Flash, and what it can do while attached to my camera, so I will save that for later on this week. For now, I have it, and I will be learning, reading, flashing it over the next few days. This is a Sony HVL-F58AM Flash.

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