The First Day of Spring 2012 – Yuck!

I am at home now, just got in, which is about 4:30pm, and I am looking around outside seeing more of winter than spring. The day was showing a little promise of spring, teasing us with some Sun in Langley City, but that came and went within minutes. When I got back into Fort Langley, it was trying to rain. The air was still very chilly, still feeling like winter with no hint of spring.

Hard to believe that today marks the time in the year for the planet Earth when the Sun is shinning right over top of the equator, calling this the Equinox. Due to the forces of nature, we here in the Western half of North America are still in winter’s grip. Even more sadness, is what some meteorologists are saying that our winter like weather will last up until April. April! Come on, give us a break! Two more weeks of this crappy weather!

Well, at least it is spring. I am hoping that the Sun does make an appearance, even if it is just for a little while. Here are some photos that I took when I just got home. A very Grey day out, eh?

I guess too, if you have noticed, I changed my watermark for my photos for spring 2012. Instead of doing it with the 3D rending program, I cut to the cheep and did the logo with the 2D vector programs called Inscape, which is a very cool program in its self. I was hoping for the some really nice bright photos to mark this day with, and to go with my spring logo, but obviously that did not happen. The weather is constantly changing, so who knows, tonight, perhaps, it could all clear up, or snow.

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