Water Fun: Splash With a Flash

As I advance through my learning in photography, my next step in my evolution is getting a flash. I wanted to get the flash for a number of reason, but mostly to do high speed photography with it. I will not go into the science of why you need a flash to do basic high speed photography here today, but you do need one, and a good one, if you want to have lots of versatility with your shots. So I bought the best flash Sony makes–see yesterday’s post.

So, capturing a drop of water, just as it hits the surface of a puddle, is something that I always wanted to do. I was always fascinated by those shots of water, or other liquids, frozen in time while an object, or explosion of water, was occurring. These shots are something that a point-and-shoot camera cannot do, or as I found out, a really good DSLR cannot either unless you have a flash that you can set the intensity of the burst with. On my camera I can do everything, and even fire the flash wirelessly–which is really cool if you have only one flash–like I do at the moment.

Above was a fluke becuase this was my first shot, and I had the flash set really close. I used a turkey-baster to drop the water with. You can see the flash on the right side of the shot.

Then all the other shots where I found out that timing was everything. Holding my water dropper, while pressing the shutter button made for a lot of misses.

I adjusted the flash, moved it farther away, and cranked down my shutter speed on the camera. I found that I could see the drops better with these settings. Having a second flash will help.

And this is where I will leave for today. According to my math, I can reach a shutter speed with the flash of 1/6000 sec. I may try this again this weekend.

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