Last Day for Playing With My Camera Shooting Water

Being that it was so dark outside, as the clouds beat me home from Langley and covered the Sun up, I went and set up my bowl of water so I could continue to master my new flash and photographing splashes of water with it. I also brainstormed an idea that I had kicking around this morning when I  found a really good water-dropper that works great, an old bubble jet refill cartage. Now that I had the perfect delivery system for a water dropper, I felt like I was going to capture that perfect shot of a water splashing. I also set up my camera slightly different than before, hoping that I could getting better light and faster shutter speeds. Off I went catching those water drops as they fell into the bowl–see below.

I started moving my flash around to different positions from the bowl of water. This above shot, I had the flash just over top of it, set to 1/36 (low power) to get this shot. I was now going down the right path I wanted.

Above–sadly I had the flash pointing away from the bowl of water and almost lost all off the light, but because the splash turned out so great I kept this one to post. It is a really cool splash!

Above, I used a 30mm macro lens, f2.5, ISO 100, leaving the shutter wide open and using the flash to freeze the moment. Focusing the lens was the most challenging task of getting these shots as the depth of field is so narrow. The focus was just off by a little bit.

Way too much flash, but the splash turned out good. Again, focusing was a problem. To get these shots I have to use manual mode on my camera, shut off the auto focus, and run my flash wirelessly. So setting everything up and getting it perfect was the hard part. Then there is hoping that when I press the shutter button, I get the drop in the right position, capturing that perfect splash. It was hit and miss! Out of 20 shots, eight images had good splashes in them.

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