News Flash – It’s Spring in Fort Langley, Finally!

Albeit only a cool 8C out, the day was perfect, as it was sunny with just a smattering of clouds, and this could last for the whole weekend too. I was so happy to see the Sun shinning, and so was most of the town as the foot traffic was huge. Everywhere people were walking about just looking, enjoying the Sun. People were just walking about, it was nice to see, as most were smiling. But the flowers were finally popping up too. So, off I went shooting flowers and tree buds, totally enjoying the Sun and spring like weather.

Above, Apple Tree blossoms. I shot these a few weeks ago when we had a freak weather of sunshine, but these buds were just little things back then. This tree is right by the Fort Langley Post Office.

I can see flowers taking up a lot of my time as I walk around shooting.

I will be posting more tonight. I took over 70 shots just in my afternoon walk today, so more to come. Life is so much better with a camera when it is sunny out!


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