The Last Bit of a Great Weekend

Parting is bitter sweet, but it was great great to finally have a Sun filled weekend with no interruptions of clouds, even though the nights were brutally cold. Now, the clouds have moved in, high clouds, but nonetheless this qualifies as overcast, but it seems to be trapping in the heat. So one last push to get outside and enjoy the weather, and do some photography in the good light as it could be another long stint before we see unobstructed skies like this again.

The above image was taken down by the railway tracks in Fort Langley. The pile of metal bits looked cool, as I have walked by these things so often. I thought why not take some abstract shots of patterns and weird composition?

The image was also the first of three editing procedures I have never done before either. First, I converted and did post-production editing straight from RAW. Second, I saved this into a JPEG, as normally I save my images in PNG format. Lastly, I re-added the EXIF metadata tab back to the image, so that it displays only my copyright information embedded within the image.

I will still put my coveted water marks on my images, but now I can also make sure that the metadata is also correct too showing me as the copyright holder. You know, that owner’s paranoia thing that everyone is so freaked out about when uploading content to the Internet.

With shooting so many photos this weekend, I may spend the rest of the week going through them all, and perhaps posting a few  then on the blog. I estimated that I took over 300 images in the last two days? Wow!

One Thought on “The Last Bit of a Great Weekend

  1. Hey, I really like this photo. The shapes are interesting as is the rusty brown metal.

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