Water Drops and Plant Photography

I can see what I am doing next time we get some sunny weather: water drop plant photography! A friend of mine sent me an email of some photos that have been going around the net of macro shots of various plants covered with water drops. The effect looks really awesome. So awesome that I want to try this with my camera too. I set up my plant on my kitchen table this afternoon, putting a plate underneath it to catch all the water, and I started spraying it, while shooting the water as it beaded off the plant. I think I have the settings to go further this this and take it outside when the weather is good.

The image (uncropped) I shot setting the camera at manual, with my remote flash, ISO100, F2.8, and 1/125 exposure with my trusty 30mm macro. I think I can get these easily outside with this setup. I will cheat–I will use a spray-bottle for the water effect. Do not tell!

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